Hosting a Traditional Drive (in-person)


1. Planning your drive

  • Contact DMARC. Reach out to DMARC Volunteer & Outreach Manager Amanda Parkins at to let us know you’re planning to host a drive.
  • Determine what type of drive to host. Are you raising funds, food, personal care items, or all of the above?
  • Set a fundraising goal for your drive. This will motivate your team and give them a sense of accomplishment when they meet the goal!

2. Promoting your drive

  • Make a promotional plan. This will help you inform people of your drive and provide reminders for your team along the way. Need help with putting together materials? Contact our team.

3. Launching your drive

  • Start gathering donations. Be sure to let people know your goal and deadline.
  • Send notifications and updates. Give periodic updates throughout your drive and don’t forget to make one final push for donations before your drive is complete.

4. Completing your drive

  • Count and box your donations. Package similar items together and put the number of items on the outside of the box. This helps DMARC save on time and labor.
  • Notify DMARC and drop off your donation. Contact DMARC with your results and let us know you will be dropping off your donation.
  • Share the results. Take a photo and share your results – and don’t forget to mention DMARC and tag us on social media!

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Contact Amanda Parkins at or 515-277-6969 x220.